all souls day

02 Nov

I’m giving up on political blogging, after Election Day, for the rest of ’08 – I swear, I’ll get back to music and obscure TV commercials and such.

Also, I promise to never repost something I saw on Wonkette ever again.  After today.  Because, seriously, check out this crazy lady who didn’t give kids Halloween candy if their moms and dads supported Obama.

This was in Grosse Point, MI.   It’s an isolated incident, of course – the Republicans aren’t trying to declare War on Halloween any more than the Democrats are trying to declare War on Christmas – but, nonetheless, holy living crap.   Seriously.  This woman is seriously, seriously imbalanced.  If you combine this wth Ashley Todd, and the stuff people were shouting at McCain/Palin rallies…. have you ever seen an election where the supporters of a particular candidate were reduced to such mean spirited, petty, ignoramuses?

No candy for Obama supporters.  Seriously, lady – and I mean this with all respect for your opinion and the principles upon which this country was founded, and with due regard for your first amendment rights – you are ridiculous.   As in: worthy of ridicule.

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