an open letter to President George W. Bush

05 Nov

Dear Deputy Dumbass Mr. President

We don’t like you.

We really don’t like you.

You know how much we don’t like you?  Last night, we voted your party, your world-view, and your legacy out of office.  And you know who we’re replacing you with?  A black guy who’s middle name is Hussein.

That’s how much we don’t like you.



PS. No, seriously.  We hate you.  Ever see that show, Invader Zim, on Nickelodeon?   That is so you.

Zim’s a woefully incompetent hot-headed alien trying to pass himself off as a normal human boy while hatching one hare-brained scheme for world domination after another.

Now, in the first episode, he’s back on his home planet, and his commanders are telling him, basically, that he can’t be trusted because he totally screwed up the last big invasion of the galaxy.  There’s a flashback to Zim, stomping around in a big, crazy lookin’ robot thing and laughing maniacally as he blows stuff up.

Then we learn the truth: Zim hasn’t even left his home planet.  He’s destroying his home planet!  He’s so ruthlessly dumb that he doesn’t realise he screwed everything up.

We then cut back to the present.

Zim: I put the fires out.

Commander: You made them worse.

Zim:   Worse?   (he thinks for a moment)  Or…. better?

(The bit I’m referring to starts at 5:38 and goes on for about a minute.)

Pretty much sums up the George W. Bush presidency, don’t it?

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