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you fail, mr. clark

Chris Clark (or E “Christopher” Clark, as I call him) just got a huge cookie from today’s Nashua TelegraphClick here to read Old Media trying desperately to understand these kids today with their blorgs an awesome article about Chris’s blog, Geek Force Five (which is, by the way, a wonderful thing to read, especially his recent Chelmsfordian stories.)


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want to get really, really angry?

“Lesbians” expelled from school for hugging.  Like lesbians do.

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perhaps you remember the bunny and the pancake….

This is a Macro.  A Macro is something you post in webforums when you want to mess with people’s heads.  In this case, if someone is being silly and incoherent, you hit them with teh pancake bunny.  Perhaps you have seen this.

The following photo was taken at New Years, and the original concept was a collaboration between Mandy, Amy, and myself:

We shall henceforth refer to this phenomenon as “Alyssa-Rolling.”

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niiice, immediate follow-up: “we don’t knock”, WSBK TV-38

Apparently, Dana Hersey also had a show called We Don’t Knock, which was sort of like a local version of Dave Atell: Insomniac, except less dirty or funny.   One day, he actually went to the actual Rathskeller.

Ah, the Rat.  Lotsa memories from the Rat, brutha.  One time, me and J. Geils were doin’ shootahs of Wild Turkey, when The Neighborhoods came in and bought everyone a rounda Michelob.

(That never happened.  The Rat closed like a year before I started going to shows around here, and I feel like I missed out.  But that’s okay, because DANA HERSEY, local broadcasting God, went there once on his We Don’t Knock program, and here it is, for your viewing pleasure.)

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niiice!: “ask the manager” on WSBK TV38

“Entertaining Boston.”  Right.  This program actually aired in Boston during the 1980s, on TV38.

Not only that, it was filmed – guess where – at 83 Leo M. Birmingham Parkway in Brighton.  That’s right, the current home of WBCN used to belong to WSBK-TV 38.   Which means, if you’ve been to the station, you’ve been to the same building where local broadcasting God DANA HERSEY used to host…. “THE MOVIE LOFT.”

I'm pretty sure this was filmed in my boss's office.

That’s not important right now.  What’s important is that WSBK also had a show on called “Ask The Manager.”  This was, allegedly, a chance for WSBK’s GM to answer all sorts of questions about Channel 38’s programming (“Why do you guys show more Shemps than Curlys?”) but more often than not, it was Dana Hersey and the GM goofing around and laughing like idiots over some damn thing.

In this case, it’s Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Apparently, people still remember this show fondly enough for there to be a bona fide fan page for the thing.  Me, I remember it vaguely – mostly because of commericals they showed during He-Man and Clemens-era Sox games.   Apparently, people actually tuned in for this nonsense.

Ah, UHF.


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our long, awkward, national nightmare is over, sort of

Gawker is reporting that Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s young, handsome speechwriter, is secretly canoodling with another Obama staffer who – OMG! – may have once posed in her skivvies for Maxim magazine! Eek!

Well, look – it’s to be expected, now that the Democrats are in the White House.  Me, I say leave the two crazy kids alone, it’s none of our business, and her appearing in her underhoos has nothing to do with her character, her ability to do her job, national security, or anything else that’s really important.  I think a lot of people feel this way – things suck too bad right now for false outrage, so the general reaction has been more “awwww….”

Why am I even reporting on this, you ask?  Well, two reasons.  One, the obvious appeal of posting a smokin’ hot pic of this young lady on my site, added to her obvious appeal as a very attractive woman who’s also smart and savvy enough to work at the most powerful building in the world.

The second reason has to do with the difference between Republican sex scandals and Democrat sex scandals.   I’m not implying that this is, in any way, a sex scandal – woman who used to be a lingere model now works at the White House; is dating President’s top speechwriter; yaddah yaddah who cares.

Has anyone else noticed a pattern, though?  A Democratic sex scandal usually involves a well known male politician cheating on his wife, either with a staffer or a high-end call-girl.  If the politician is known publicly as a straight male, the “other woman” will, 99.9% of the time be an actual woman,  of legal age and legal immigration status.  The whole affair will end when he tearfully apologizes to his constituency and his wife, who stands by his side at the press conference wearing an expression of weary support mixed with disgust.

A Republican sex scandal, on the other hand, usually involves a well known male politician cheating on his wife, either with a total stranger or low-rent hooker.  If the politician is known publicly as a straight male, the “other woman” will, 99.9% of the time, be a dude.  If the politician ranted and raved about protecting kids online, the “other woman” will probably be a teenage boy.  Sometimes, drugs and livestock will be found on the scene, and the whole affair will not take place at their summer home or a classy hotel, but more likely than not, someplace icky like a bathroom.  The whole affair will end when he smarmilly tells the world that oh, no, it wasn’t him, while his wife stands by his side, holding his hand with a smile Botoxed to her lips.

I don’t know what this means, but I’ve got a theory: all that talk about family values and decency is probably bad for your mental health.

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oh noes!! obama is not teh president srsly

As you may have noticed, Chief Justice John Roberts sorta flubbed the oath of office during the swearing-in of President Obama (!!!).  Chris Wallace, on Fox News, half-jokingly said that this illegitimizes the Presidency, and lefties  across the internets are posting screeds about how “all those wingnuts are going to say he’s illegitimate now,” and whats more, that Roberts did it intentionally TO SAVE AMERICA.

…is anyone really saying that?  For real?  Seriously? Or does it just seem like the sort of thing bitter, head-up-their-ass people who forward e-mails would say?  Are we just so used to nonsense like this that we’ve noticed their particular pattern?

Anyway, Sara K. Smith (Wonkette) posted something funny about this, and just to be sure, Obama and Roberts did the oath over again in the Oval Office.

Except he didn’t use a bible.  OH NOES!!

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