oh noes!! obama is not teh president srsly

22 Jan

As you may have noticed, Chief Justice John Roberts sorta flubbed the oath of office during the swearing-in of President Obama (!!!).  Chris Wallace, on Fox News, half-jokingly said that this illegitimizes the Presidency, and lefties  across the internets are posting screeds about how “all those wingnuts are going to say he’s illegitimate now,” and whats more, that Roberts did it intentionally TO SAVE AMERICA.

…is anyone really saying that?  For real?  Seriously? Or does it just seem like the sort of thing bitter, head-up-their-ass people who forward e-mails would say?  Are we just so used to nonsense like this that we’ve noticed their particular pattern?

Anyway, Sara K. Smith (Wonkette) posted something funny about this, and just to be sure, Obama and Roberts did the oath over again in the Oval Office.

Except he didn’t use a bible.  OH NOES!!

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One response to “oh noes!! obama is not teh president srsly

  1. Lauryn

    January 22, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    Well Rachel Maddow, a very trustworthy source, *did* mention this on her show last night…and she said that there had been speculation that there were possible *actual* legal complications if he weren’t sworn in properly because the oath appears in the Constitution…but the Guardian dispelled all of the hype with this article:

    No doubt less funny than Wonkette, but a very sharp and concise piece.

    Now there will be a new trivia question to answer: What do presidents Obama, Chester Arthur, and Calvin Coolidge have in common? Official do-overs!!


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