niiice!: “ask the manager” on WSBK TV38

27 Jan

“Entertaining Boston.”  Right.  This program actually aired in Boston during the 1980s, on TV38.

Not only that, it was filmed – guess where – at 83 Leo M. Birmingham Parkway in Brighton.  That’s right, the current home of WBCN used to belong to WSBK-TV 38.   Which means, if you’ve been to the station, you’ve been to the same building where local broadcasting God DANA HERSEY used to host…. “THE MOVIE LOFT.”

I'm pretty sure this was filmed in my boss's office.

That’s not important right now.  What’s important is that WSBK also had a show on called “Ask The Manager.”  This was, allegedly, a chance for WSBK’s GM to answer all sorts of questions about Channel 38’s programming (“Why do you guys show more Shemps than Curlys?”) but more often than not, it was Dana Hersey and the GM goofing around and laughing like idiots over some damn thing.

In this case, it’s Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Apparently, people still remember this show fondly enough for there to be a bona fide fan page for the thing.  Me, I remember it vaguely – mostly because of commericals they showed during He-Man and Clemens-era Sox games.   Apparently, people actually tuned in for this nonsense.

Ah, UHF.


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