want to get really, really angry?

28 Jan

“Lesbians” expelled from school for hugging.  Like lesbians do.

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One response to “want to get really, really angry?

  1. fever2tell

    January 30, 2009 at 10:04 am

    AGH! I saw this yesterday and yes, it really pissed me off. The thing that killed me was that a teacher stalked them to their MYSpace pages to gather incriminating evidence (like hugging!). What kind of teacher stalks a kid to their my space in the first place?
    My student’s sex lives = a big fat DO NOT NEED TO KNOW. Why does something a kid does on their own time bother the school so much that they actively seek them out to punish them?

    Get with the times, people, 10 years ago in my conservative Catholic high school some of the teachers had “gay and lesbian safe space” stickers on their doors and we even got a GSA shortly after I graduated. We used to sit on each other’s laps, smooch other girls and skip around in the hallways holding hands just to freak out the homophobic people, and we were treated as a mild annoyance, not a scourge. of course, that was in the “gay 90s” when the economy was good, our futures were bright, and people weren’t looking for an “other” to blame all the world’s ills on. Ah, the 90s. I miss them.

    To make it worse, some scary religious types are coming to the school I currently work at to protest us because we have a GSA. What kind of sleazy people come to a high school just to try and intimidate a bunch of kids?

    Memo to creepy homophobic types: Obama is president now, the era of hate is drawing to a close, it’s no longer cool to oppress other people. Find another hobby.


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