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Microsoft Songsmith: share and enjoy!

Microsoft Songsmith.  Srsly wtf?

I want to make sure you’re settled before we continue, because this really isn’t going to be fun.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Would you like a pillow?  A hot towel, perhaps?

This is like… okay.  You guys watch Lost?  Remember a couple years ago when Ben captured Sawyer and Kate and held them prisoner in that Skinner box out in the jungle, and…

….I don’t know, he was up to some damn thing.   Point is, there was a scene where he sort of ordered Kate to have breakfast with him, and it was under a shady umbrella and there was freshly squeezed orange juice and Kate wore a sundress, and Ben said something along the lines of “I set this whole thing up because I wanted you to remember one nice moment, because the next few days are going  to be very unpleasant“?

This is that.  Have some OJ before we continue.

Mmmm, wasn’t that refreshing?  Now, then:  MICROSOFT SONGSMITH!

Click “read more” when you’ve had enough.

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