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Cover #1: The Temptations, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

Ahem.  If any of you nice WordPress people could tell me how to imbed non-YouTube media files in my posts, that’d be fantastic.  I know there’s a little button that says “Imbed Media! It’s Easy!” but it lies, man.  It lies.

So, at the moment, we’re linking to the covers, hosted by the nice people over at Houndbite.  Houndbite: it’s like YouTube without the pictures.

Cover #1: “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”, originally by The Temptations, written by Norman Whitfield and Edward Holland Jr. for Barry Gordy’s record label.   It’s absolutely one of my favorite songs ever recorded, and yet I still managed to bust out a snarky white-boy Cake/William Shatner cover of it.  With love, of course.  Which I got so deep, in the pit of my heart, etc. etc.

By the way – they’re not all going to be this good, or at least this well-produced.  I like how this one came together – I think it sounds neat.  Enjoy it.

Oh, and I’m not making any money off of any of this.  Hear that, record industry types? This is for fun (and so I can learn my audio software better).

Also, feel free to download it – just don’t, ya know, sell it.

Let me know what y’all think.

Next up…: An ode to petty thieves with plans for world domination.

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Announcing….The April Covers Project!

As March came in like an lamb, it shall go out like an amp.

I’ve decided to do this because I haven’t seen anyone else do it, and I figured, hey, I’ve got a microphone, a computer, and time, why the hell not?  My goal is to record a different cover song every single day in April and post it here, at GeekUSA.

Wait, I’m sorry – it’s possible you didn’t hear me.  Let me write that in bold.  I will be recording and posting a brand new cover song, recorded by me, every day, throughout the month of April.

I’m knocking out a few tracks tonight, just for the sake of doin’ ’em early, and on April Fools Day, we’ll start this puppy rollin.’  (Do puppys roll?  I’ve never seen a puppy roll.  I’ve seen an egg roll, I’ve seen a tuna roll, and I’ve seen a Rick Roll, but I ain’t never seen… oh never mind.)

Oooh… and.. AND!  If you have any suggestions of artists or songs I should tackle, feel free to leave them in the comments.  Doesn’t matter how odd or obscure – some of the covers will be of songs and bands you’d never think I’d play.

Looking forward to this little experiment….


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omg fanvids lol: “Doctor Who” vs. Eminem vs. Benny Hill

I may have posted this before.  If I haven’t, I’m not sure why I haven’t – it’s bloody brilliant.  It’s clips from THE BEST SHOW EVER, Doctor Who, set to a mash-up of the Benny Hill theme and Eminem’s “Without Me”.  We have Babelcolour to thank for this.


No, see, I don’t care if you’re not a Doctor Who fan.  Watch it anyway.  It’s freaking hilaaaarious.


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for Tomorrow

This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow, is one of many syndicated alternative comics dropped by Voice News this month, in cost cutting measures due to the recession.

Luckily, several people have spoken out on Tom’s behalf, including one Mr. Eddie Vedder of Seattle, WA.  Good on ya, Ed.  He says some really nice things about political cartoonists in general over at the Ten Club blog, and it’s worth a read.

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apparently i’m now old enough to indentify with dilbert

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Nothing special planned, so here’s another thing I found on YouTube that I’m lazilly posting here because I’m lazy.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber: An “Obituary.”

(no, he ain’t dead.  this is “satire,” folks.)

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from Broadsheet (and Jimmy Kimmel): Portia de Rossi says she’s sorry

Portia de Rossi recorded a PSA “apologizing” for getting married to Ellen DeGeneres the other night on Jimmy Kimmel.  It’s important that we watch, and think about what hath been wraught.

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