Meghan McCain: surprisingly, not a terrible writer

09 Mar

John McCain’s daughter Meghan started blogging from the campaign trail, and everyone on my team sort of made fun of her for it, including this guy.  Lately, though, she’s been writing some pretty interesting stuff over at The Daily Beast, mostly about the difficulties of being a young, moderate Republican when everyone else either a) has a crush on Obama or b) foams at the mouth whenever they hear the word “liberal.”  For instance, her latest article discusses how much she hates Ann Coulter.

I am not suggesting that extreme conservatism wasn’t once popular, nor am I suggesting I should in any way be any kind of voice for the party. I have been a Republican for less than a year. Still, even after losing the election, I find myself more drawn to GOP ideals and wanting to fight for the party’s resurgence. And if figureheads like Ann Coulter are turning me off, then they are definitely turning off other members of my generation as well. She does appeal to the most extreme members of the Republican Party—but they are dying off, becoming less and less relevant to the party structure as a whole. I think most people my age are like me in that we all don’t believe in every single ideal of each party specifically. The GOP should be happy to have any young supporters whatsoever, even if they do digress some from traditional Republican thinking.

It’s a refreshing point of view.  If the Other Team’s ever gonna do well again and regain the confidence of the nation, they should start listening to kids like Meg McCain instead of cruel reactionaries like Coulter.

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One response to “Meghan McCain: surprisingly, not a terrible writer

  1. fever2tell

    March 10, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Meghan McCain on Ann Coulter: “I find her offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing.” McCain also thinks Republicans need to stop venerating Coulter and the extreme right to attract new voters. McCain 2012! [The Daily Beast]

    I nominate her as the new head of the republican party. she’s a lot less scary than rush.


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