oh, what the heck… here’s some music I made.

09 Mar

Last night, I was talking with my old friend Smashley, currently studying in Memphis, formerly of Newton, MA.  We were reminiscing about the old days at The Pill, and specifically the song “Apart” by Elkland, which, along with our friend Caitlin, we used to dance around like foolish monkeys to. 

Here’s Ashley and Caitlin, dancing around like foolish monkeys.

This got me thinking about Elkland, a short lived electro-pop combo who owe a lot to Erasure (and opened for them a couple years back), which got me thinking about Elkland’s other single, “Everybody’s Leaving.”  Which got me thinking it might be fun to bust out an acoustic cover of that.

So I did.

It’s here.   It’s a really solid tune, and it turns out that it works on an acoustic guitar as well as it works on a stack of synthesizers.  Normally, I’d put this sort of thing on the portfolio blog, but it’s not quite good enough for that.  It’s good enough, though. 🙂

The Pluto Tapes – Everybody’s Leaving (Elkland cover)

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Posted by on March 9, 2009 in music, nostalgia, the pluto tapes


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