watching Star Trek: TNG last night, when this happened

09 Mar
NOTES:  Data is an android.  Hobbit Em is a friend of mine I’ve known since she was born.  The drink was diet coke.  The episode was “We’ll Always Have Paris”.  The table was hard.
Paradoxvulpin (10:48:44 PM): i think Data taught himself to blink because if he didn’t it would be creeeeepy.
Hobbit Em (10:48:53 PM): :)
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:16 PM): but he can’t teach himself contractions.
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:21 PM): WHY????
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:26 PM): ::hits head on table::
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:28 PM): WHY!!!!!
Hobbit Em (10:51:30 PM): yeah…  it’s really very strange
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:39 PM): ::drains glass, throws it at tv::
Hobbit Em (10:51:43 PM): hee
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:45 PM): WHY!?!?!?!
Hobbit Em (10:51:49 PM): *pets* there there
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:51 PM): ::jumps up and down::
Hobbit Em (10:51:52 PM): it’s okay
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:56 PM): Emily…
Paradoxvulpin (10:51:58 PM):
Paradoxvulpin (10:52:02 PM): my whole life has been a lie.
Hobbit Em (10:52:17 PM): not really
Hobbit Em (10:52:20 PM): just very silly
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