Cover #3: My Chemical Romance, “Dead!”

03 Apr

For cover #3, we have My Chemical Romance’s tune “Dead!” the second track off their concept album The Black Parade, released in 2005.  The lyrics were written by Gerard Way, and the music is by My Chemical Romance.

Ah, MCR.  I don’t refer to them as MCR, mind you – I’m about ten years and one gender-swap away from their target demographic.  And yet…  this is a good band.  This is a really, really good band.  This is a band that people will remember for years and years as one of the best rock and roll acts of all time.  Oh, you may scoff at their eyeliner and pretentiousness and screamo and whatnot, but hear you me: these Jersey kids will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in twenty years, and you won’t.  So there.

The Black Parade is obviously a genius record.  Mr. Way, in addition to being frontman of this popular and talented group of guys, is also a writer, and you can tell.  He’s currently writing the comic book The Umbrella Academy, and he has a lovely creepy but heart-felt style.   The story we hear in The Black Parade, of a terminally ill patient realizing, almost too late, that he’s managed to alienate everybody who ever loved him and his attempts at reconciliation (beyond the grave?  we’re not sure) begins with “Dead!”  Our anti-hero is told by… someone…. possibly a doctor, possibly the Bandleader of the Black Parade, that he only has a short time left, if that.  “Have,” he is asked “you heard the news that you’re dead?”

The song has that oompah bounce that glam rock acts incorporate into their tunes when they want to feel like olde tyme showmen, so I recorded my version in a sort of Al Jolson/Minstrel show style, which seemed like a good idea at the time

In other words, it’s supposed to sound old fashioned and tinny, folks.  I apologize for the claps.  The la la chorus at the end, though? AWESOME!

So: download it, listen to it, don’t sell it, blah blah not making money off of this, blah blah just for fun.

Next up…: Really?  You’re doing a song by that band?  On an acoustic guitar? Really?

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Posted by on April 3, 2009 in April Covers, music


One response to “Cover #3: My Chemical Romance, “Dead!”

  1. butthorn

    April 4, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Man, you have an honest-to-goodness knack for minstrel-style vocals.

    Here are some cover suggestions:

    “Take Good Care of My Baby” – Bobby Vee
    “Married With Children” – Oasis
    “Sucked Out” – Superdrag
    “Black Eyed Susan” – Paul Westerberg
    “Bring It On Home to Me” – Sam Cooke
    “I Can’t Explain” The Who
    “Modern Love” – David Bowie

    I bet this is fun to do. How is that Houndbite site working out for you? Looks interesting.


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