PUPPY!!!!!!1!!! zomg ^_^

12 Apr

We interrupt Covers Month for the following partisan squee-fest.  I’ve been off the politics this month, because a) Jesus it’s depressing out there and b) my strengths are: media studies, presentation theory, political strategy and comprehension of spin, whereas my weaknesses are: math.  So a lot of this bailout-y stimulus plan stuff goes right over my little head.  Elections I’m good for, because it’s all media strategy, and I know enough about spin to know that Obama didn’t cause this crisis any more than the Captain of the Titanic made it chilly that night.  

However, I feel that it is important to break my self-imposed silence on political affairs on this Easter Sunday, because our long national nightmare is over: the Obama girls finally got a puppy!

His name is Bo (as in Bo Diddley).  He’s a Portugese Water Dog, gifted by Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) himself.  And I wuv this widdle guy and his widdle nose.

I mean, look: he’s got Hawaiian leis on!  Because the President’s from Hawaii!  That is so coooooooool!


Ahem.  Carry on.

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