cover #19: Better Than Ezra, “In The Blood”

28 Apr

Cover #19 is “In The Blood”, originally written and recorded by  Better Than Ezra for their 1995 album Deluxe.  It was written by Kevin Griffin.

Aaaaand we’re back, after a brief absence of only (mumbles a number under his breath) days.  This whole life thing, it’s crazy, no?

Seriously, this week has been really busy, adjusting to a new job and all, so I’ve barely had time to think, let alone record.  But here we are.  After all that waiting, you’ve got a brand new cover by me, and it’s a song by… um… Better Than Ezra.

Now, now, hang on a minute.  “In The Blood” is a great tune, and it (and not “Good”) was the reason I bought Deluxe back in the ’90s in the first place.  I’m a sucker for lesser-known alt-rock almost-hits, and always have been.  That’s why I like “Photograph” better than “The Freshmen” and “Molly” better than “Plowed.”

This cover owes a lot to the Postal Service in execution, so it’s a very 2000’s take on a very ’90s song.  Enjoy!


We’ll catch up.  You’ll get 30 covers, eventually.  Promise.  Posting the next one tomorrow afternoon, thanks to the magic of Auto-post.

Next up…: Ten years ago, I couldn’t wear my coat to school.

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Posted by on April 28, 2009 in April Covers, music


One response to “cover #19: Better Than Ezra, “In The Blood”

  1. John Tomlinson

    April 29, 2009 at 3:21 am

    Deluxe is a classic with great tunes such as “In the Blood”, “Good”, “Rosealia” and “This Time of Year”.


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