Cover #23 – TV on the Radio, “Wolf Like Me”

05 May

Cover #23 is “Wolf Like Me”, by TV on the Radio, from the 2006 album Return To Cookie Mountain, written by Tunde Adebimpe.

I first saw TV on the Radio when they opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a few summers ago.  I wasn’t that into them, I gotta admit.  Not sure what it was, but it wasn’t workin’ for me.

Then, about three months later, I was enjoying a bagel and there was this amazing, weird, mind-altering music on the stereo in the bagel store, and I asked the girl behind the counter who it was, and she said “TV on the Radio, duh.”  Sometimes you gotta be in the right frame of mind to receive something like that.   Sometimes, it has to be raining outside and you’re eating a bagel in Brighton, and suddenly, TV on the Radio makes a lot of sense.  I mean, these guys are so wonderfully cool and odd, and no one – no one – sounds like them.

“Wolf Like Me” , well, it’s a driving, weird song about being a werewolf.  It’s instantly catchy and soulful and edgy.  I’ve wanted to cover it since I started doing this thing, but I didn’t know how to do it.  Oh sure, I could’ve covered it as is, but they already did it perfect the first time, and besides, if you’re covering an off-the-wall band like TV on the Radio, you gotta do something off-the-wall with it.

So: I made “Wolf Like Me” into a ballad.  I couldn’t get the drums to work anyway.  The tonal inspiration was “A Warm Place” or “Eraser (Polite)” mix by Nine Inch Nails.

I really like this one.


Next up…: well, if Justine from Elastica dumped me, I’d feel the same way, mate.

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