I’m still alive. Now, here’s a photograph of President Thomas Dewey.

03 Jun

Busy, with the moving and the working and the flavin, but I’m cookin’ up some interesting stuff for this site in the next few days.

First off, my official Dr. Tiller/abortion debate post is cooking up nicely and should be done tomorrow.

Secondly, io9 has an article about alternate universe Presidents.  If you’ve never read the Alternate Presidents anthology, I recommend it – it’s alt. history at its finest, and features such fascinating “What ifs..” as: what if Victoria Woodhaul, the first woman to run for President, had won and ushered in a new American Victorian era of free-love?  What if Dukakis had beaten Bush and blown the lid off the Roswell conspiracy?  Great stuff.

io9 adds a few more to the list, and why we should write alt. history short stories about them.   Oh, io9, you always tickle my geek spot so fine.

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