something else about MJ….

26 Jun

Well, actually, a few somethings:

1) Cory said it best: “I’ll bet, today, there’s lots of people singing Michael Jackson songs who wouldn’t have, say, yesterday.”

2) “The Way You Make Me Feel” is an amazing, amazing song.

3) Kiss 108 and Jam’n 94.5 yesterday were both playing tributes to Michael, as I’m sure plenty of radio stations across the country were.  Heard “You Are Not Alone”.  Also, heard something really strange: DJ’s talking about something interesting and substantial for longer than five seconds on a pop station.   This is, probably, the first time this has happened since the mid 90s, which, coincidentally, is the last time Mr. Jackson had a big hit of any kind.  Which, I think, was probably “You Are Not Alone.”

4) The Boston Herald cover today:

Oh, fuck you.

No.  Sorry.  Maybe this begs explanation.   For those of you who don’t pay attention to the tabloids: Michael Jackson was, long ago, when he started going slightly batty, nicknamed Jacko.  The slightly-more-respectable-but -only-slightly Murdoch papers, like the New York Post and our own angry old white guy from Brockton paper the Boston Herald, followed suit.  “Wacko Jacko,” they called him.   Perhaps you remember when he fell during a rehearsal, and wound up in the hospital, which led to the headline “Jacko On His Backo”.  No?  There was an SNL sketch about it, back when I was your age.  Moving on….

So, of course they’d report his death this way.  “Fade To Blacko.”   Jesus wept, guys.

5)  I’ve had “Man In The Mirror” in my head all day.

6)  You people hated him because he was androgynous and you couldn’t deal with that, you petty little suburban close minded mollusks!

7) Whoa.   That was weird.  I wonder where that came from.

8) His nose was unnecessarily freaky, though.

9) The news keeps calling it a “Mysterious” death.  Which it really wasn’t.  It was a heart attack followed by cardiac arrest brought on by an addiction to painkillers, severe body strain, and tons and tons of (mostly self-inflicted) stress.  No mystery at all.  Quincy Jones did not have him whacked.

10) This guy never got enough love as a child.

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One response to “something else about MJ….

  1. hummingbrd73

    September 8, 2009 at 1:50 am

    I usually don’t read news papers or watch the news on TV for the simple fact that every single one of them will suck the life right out of ya.Most of them report garbage and death.That’s mainly all you get,so I plea to everyone stop watching their garbage and making them rich.The news is basically bullshit.They need to quit disrespecting Michael Jackson and stop calling him Jacko because it is getting to be ridiculous.We want the lies and bullshit to stop or we need to start boycotting all of news groups and put a damper in their pockets.


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