life, seventeen syllables at a time

07 Jul

You may have heard of this thing, it is called “Twitter“, where people share their innermost confessions, feelings, and bon mots with the world at 140 characters or less.   About a year ago, I derided it for being, basically, useless.  (“Going to the fridge to get a popsicle.” “Unwrapping popsicle.” “Popsicle tasty and cold.” “Stick has amusing joke on it: what do u call a horse who likes arts & crafts?”  “Stick says: a hobby horse! lol!” and so on.)  Now, though, I can’t get enough of the thing, because it’s an awesome way of complaining about the T.

The Ancient Japanese also invented something pretty amazing.   No, I’m not talking about erotic woodcarvings.   I’m referring to the art of the Haiku.  Instead of 140 characters, you get seventeen syllables to express yourself.  To wit:  That tentacled beast/and that woman are in love./Don’t tell Mrs. Squid.

Leave it to my friend Lauryn to bring the ancient art of Haiki into the world of the online confessional.  Her latest blog, Haikummunication, is a series of haikus based on her everyday life.  Instead of Twitter, she Haikus.  It’s actually pretty genius.


One response to “life, seventeen syllables at a time

  1. Lauryn

    July 8, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Andy you’re the best.
    Your praise means so much to me.
    Thanks for the shout out!!


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