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i made a music video!

This is the official video for “Nikita Says Love”, by my band The Pluto Tapes.   I made this.  Enjoy!


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niiice!: Reading Rainbow on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1989)

This episode’s book was something called The Bionic Bunny Show, though the YouTuber here cut that part out in order to focus on the real meat of the day: ruining Andy’s childhood fantasies.

Ha ha, no, I’m just kidding, of course, I never thought Star Trek: The Next Generation was real, per say.  Really, I didn’t.   When I learned that the transporter was actually a camera trick mixed with a shot of glitter in a glass of water, I was fine.  I was.  Fine.

But, seriously, though: this was a pretty awesome thing to see as a kid.  It was the making of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It was how they put together a TV show, with full behind the scenes access provided by our friend Levar Burton, who just happened to be on both shows.   Even non-Trekkies remember this one (at least the transporter glitter thing).  For slightly nerdier children, it was nerdvana.

Here’s part two, where we learn that the crappy containment device from that crappy episode “Home Soil” was actually about two feet tall and made of stuff Rob Legato had left over after building his model planes.  Also, the real Enterprise is like six feet long.  Sorry about that.

Stay tuned for exclusive bloopers near the end.  There is a TNG blooper reel, from the beginning of Season One, where you can actually hear Levar Burton saying the “S” word! You might like that as well, but you don’t have to take my word for it!



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okay, let’s lighten things up a bit here..

Feels like every time I post here, it’s all about health care or politics or Big Papi David Ortiz with his Big Papi Syringe full of El PED’s, and dagnabbit, it’s summer, a time when we should be outside, catching marshmallows and roasting fireflies, and spending our fleeting, ephemeral childhood nights getting spooked, chased, and otherwise dismembered by horrid creatures from the nightmares of Poe. 

Thus, The Onion offers the following: 74% of Children Tenting Out In Yard Don’t Make It Through The Night.  

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i’m sorry. this country is full of idiots and i’m moving to Peru.

Bad example, maybe.  Cruel example.  This woman doesn’t seem like a bad person.  She’s just mind-blowingly naive.  And the thing is, she’s exactly like most of the people on her side of the health care debate.  She doesn’t know a lot, but she knows what she’s heard.  And she doesn’t like it.  And, frankly, if I didn’t know better, and I’d heard that the Government was going to come in and force me to buy into their health plan and kill my grandparents and make my mentally challenged son stand before a “death panel” and that it was going to turn us into a Socialist state, I’d be pretty freaked out.  I’d certainly make a stand, and it would be an honorable and noble thing to do.  Unfortunately, it would have been a stand based entirely on things that are patently untrue and wrong.

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