Dude! It’s The ’90s!: Spacehog, “In The Meantime”

11 Mar

Spacehog – “In The Meantime”

Summary: We start with a sullen, sullen shot of a sullen, sullen guitar amp.  And an hourglass, because Spacehog has the SECRET OF TIME TRAVEL!!!!  Yes, Spacehog, playing like their lives depend on it, in front of a room full of bitchy hipsters who don’t care.  They don’t even seem to care that Spacehog’s drummer has a double-freaking-kick-drum. You gotta hand it to ol’ Spacehog – they had the balls to shoot a video full of people who absolutely hate Spacehog.

Things to notice:  A girl dressed exactly like your My Chemical Romance-lovin’ kid sister, except this video was filmed 13 years ago and no one had heard of Hot Topic.  I have elected to take this as further proof that Spacehog has access to a Delorean or a Tardis or whatever Scott Bakula used on  that show. (1:25)

Lots of transvestites, if you’re into that sort of thing.  They’re not necessarily drag queens, as drag queens are gay and the first tranny we see is obviously hitting on a girl.  He’s what Eddie Izzard once called a “male lesbian.”  Or an “executive transvestite.”  Anyway, there’s lots of gender bending in this video, because Spacehog wants to be Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie so bad it hurts.   (2:20)

Sammy Davis Jr. I swear to God.  What’d I say about time travel?  (3:20)

The same “broken film spool” effect that’s in, like, every video from this period. Everybody drink.  (3:26)

The hourglass runs out, and goes crowd surfin’ (4:08). Because time has run out for you, Spacehog.

Verdict:  You ever dream something, and then it happens in real life a week later?  It’s never anything important.  You never dream about the right lottery numbers – it’s always something like “I had a dream that I was drinking a Jamoca shake, and then I ran into Jim, and he was wearing a blue shirt, and the next day it totally happened!”  This video is sort of like that.  There’s a room full of sullen hipsters that look like they rolled in from an Elefant show circa 2003, and a girl dressed up in a style that was commonplace in 2006.  Yet the video was filmed in 1995.  Nothing warning us about 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina or Clay Aiken  – Spacehog’s crystal ball only shows boring art parties at “hip” lofts in Allston.   Thanks for nothing, Spacehog.    (C-)

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