Dude! It’s The ’90s!: Sponge, “Plowed”

13 Mar

Sponge – “Plowed”

Summary: “Hey, gang, let’s get the band together and record a video!  We can film it in sepia tone so it doesn’t look so much like we’re shooting in Mom’s dining room, and my kid brother can turn the light switch on and off in time with the music.  I’ve been watching Stone Temple Pilots videos all week, and you guys can, I dunno, flail your hair around or something.  Man, we are *so* the next Led Zeppelin!”

Things to notice:  Scott Weiland?  More like NOT Weiland. Oh, snap. Seriously, though, are they trying to be the Hydrox to STP’s Oreo? (0:10)

The guy who does the backing vocals must be pretty darn fugly.  Every time the guitarist jumps in with “Say a prayer for me,” we see the same damn shot of the same damn guy, except we only see him in shadow.   Either he’s less photogenic than faux-Scott, or he wants to run for office some day.   (0:52)

Mom’s dining room has a fruit fly problem.  (2:21)

Verdict:   Sponge, whatever you want to say about them, knew how to write good, catchy rock songs.  “Plowed” is a near-perfect example of early-90s rock and roll, and in a perfect world, “Molly” and “Wax Ecstatic” would be equally well-remembered.  Vinnie’s got one of those great ‘90s rock voices, and they made it onto the soundtracks of not one, but two seminal ‘90s flicks: Chasing Amy and Empire Records.  Unfortunately, this video is as boring as cat pee, which, coincidentally, is the same color as this video.  (D+)

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One response to “Dude! It’s The ’90s!: Sponge, “Plowed”

  1. AroundThePony

    October 5, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Awesome,i fucking miss the 90`s,keep this alive!


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