songs you don’t know: “Black No. 1”, Type O Negative

16 Apr

Type O Negative were pretty much a goth metal band, along the lines of Danzig.  And like Danzig, they had a wicked sense of humor.   I mean, you don’t get anywhere in this business if your dark, heavy music really is all “death and dark and my eternal sooooooul….”  You’ve gotta laugh at yourself, is what I’m saying.  Type O were a goth/metal band that covered Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” for heaven’s sake.

I almost posted that video, because their cover is my personal favorite Type O tune, but the video is bad.  I mean, rrrreal bad.  It’s like Roadrunner Records clipped together a bunch of footage of the band playing other songs, mixed it with some oh-so-alternative shots of PEOPLE MOSHING HOLY SH#T, and… I mean, it smacks of fake.  Ah, Roadrunner.

So, instead, we post this one: it’s “Black No. 1”, which is basically a song about a goth girl and how totally into her Peter is.  The bridge/main hook is “Loving you is like loving the dead.”  That’s all you need to know.
Anyway, Peter Steele, the growling, Brooklyn-accented frontman of Type O Negative, died yesterday.  The music world mourns his loss, and quite a few souls just got a little bit darker.

This song takes me back to junior year of college like few other things.   We used to sing “LOVIN’ YOU IS LIKE LOOOVIN’ TED!” to my friend Ted Chernesky.  Ah, memories.

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