niiice!: Atari commercial with Santa Claus (1984 or so)

08 Nov

What, you’re back?  It’s been TEN MONTHS.  Were you ever going to call?

Yeah, well, I got wrapped up in stuff.  Whatever.

Oh.  STUFF.  I see.  What in HEAVEN’S name were you doing this whole time?



Now, really, what I *shoulda* gone and done, is written one of those posts that said “Well, we’re taking a break from the action here at ol’ Geek USA….” but that takes time, and really, I had MUSICALS to write and RADIO PRODUCIN’ to do.  Things have calmed down somewhat, I’m back, etc.

Now, then…

Job willin’… (I gave up saying “God willin'” a while ago because, if God had intended us to blog, He would have added an eighth day onto the week – “and on the Eighth day, ye shall wallow in self-indulgence and fruitless nostalgia”, and really, it has nothing to do with God and everything to do with Job.  No, not “Job”, like the guy whose wife got turned into a salt lick.  JOB, like the thing you do to make money.  Although a lot of crap happened to “Job”, and when a lot of crap happens to you, it’s really hard to set aside time to blog about it.  Especially when a lot of stuff happens to you at your JOB.   Which is why, coming full circle here, if God had intended us to blog, He would have set up Bloggerday, right between Friday and Saturday.  You could also use Bloggerday to sometimes recover from Friday night without wasting all of Saturday in bed.   Taking a day off to recover from a hangover is probably the most self-indulgent thing anyone could possibly ever do, with the exception of taking a day off to masturbate.  As the only people who’d ever take a whole day off to masturbate are kind of gross and pervy anyway, and I don’t want them reading my blog, I’m not going to indulge them with anything more than the teensiest mention.   Go away, sketchy people.  Eww.  Where was I?)

Job willing… I should be able to do my annual Christmas special thingy again this year.  Until then, I’d like to treat you to the following commercial.   It’s a Christmas themed Atari commercial that takes place on a futuristic spaceship in the future.   Apparently, Santa Claus can find you anywhere, even in the somber chill of deep space.  In space, no one may be able to hear you scream, but Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake, Spaaaaaaaaace Cadet.  (Yes, that was an Alien/Burl Ives/Gorf reference.  I’M BACK, BABY!)

You’ll note how this is secretly a commercial for the failed Atari 5200 console.  You’ll also note that the sets and special effects are at least twice as good as Doctor Who’s were in the mid-80s.


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2 responses to “niiice!: Atari commercial with Santa Claus (1984 or so)

  1. Shelley

    November 8, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Dude, it was Lot’s wife who got turned into a salt lick. Job’s the guy whose wife and children were killed by God as a little bet with Satan to see if he’d renounce the Lord if the Lord totally screwed him over. Or something like that–we tended not to discuss the unpleasant acts of God in Sunday School. The teachers seemed to think we’d be upset by all the wrathfulness (au contraire–proof of God’s badassitude is always solid entertainment for the kiddies).

  2. geekusa

    November 9, 2010 at 9:55 am

    I should really fact check my stream-of-consciousness ramblings, Shelley. Thanks for the heads up!


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