I really gave up blogging about political matters…

09 Mar

I did.  I gave up last year because I was sick of adding nothing to the discourse but yet another screaming partisan voice.

But…. wow.

Wow, Gov. Walker.  Wow.  Do you give a SHIT about how evil you look?  Do you Republicans care about how you come across to – let’s be honest here – the MAJORITY of Americans who were opposed to what you were doing?


This was never about money.  This was about screwing the unions so your corporate boyfriends could get their way.

You look evil.  You look like the world’s biggest assholes to 66% of the country.  The rest are too busy whacking off to Fox News.

YOU DON’T CARE HOW EVIL YOU LOOK.    A State House full of protesters.  Teachers.  Cops.  Fucking firefighters.  The people you call “the heroes” every 9/11.  Now, bless your souls, you’ll be able to cut their salaries, cut their benefits, make ’em work 16 hour shifts and teach 50 kids at a time, and they won’t be able to complain.  It’s ok – it’s not like they have REAL jobs, like (for instance, just grabbing something out of the air here) one of the very part time Directors of Blue Cross/Blue Shield who pulls in about $1 million a year.  But that’s ok – that guy works for a living.

They teach your kids.  They patrol your streets.  They save you when your house is burning.  They gave up a raise, they gave up not having to pay into their pensions, they gave up everything, but they wouldn’t give up their ability to bargain.  And you fucking stripped it from them anyway.  Har har.  That’ll sure balance the budget, won’t it?  Hmm… we could raise the tax rate on the richest 1% by about 3 points, maybe…. orrrrrrr we could fuck over some teachers.  Well, now.  Ain’t you a Real American Patriot?  Ain’t that just what Thomas Fucking Jefferson would have wanted?

YOU DON’T CARE HOW EVIL YOU LOOK.  It just blows my tiny little mind.


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  1. Ayelle

    March 10, 2011 at 11:26 am



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