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the misremembered ’90s: catherine wheel, “judy staring at the sun”


Nothing to report… except…

Yes, I love this video because of its cheesy retro sci-fi “made in the basement” style.  I also love that thing it does… which seems unique to videos from ’90s no-hit wonders, somehow…. where you have lots of flashing pop-art doing that stop motion thing while random words pop up.  They did it at the end of Reality Bites in the Pizza Hut commercial.  They sort of did it with the whole OK Soda thing.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Like here’s a bunch of Day-Glo pop art and a monkey and random words like “memory” and “fantasy”, and it’s all moving really fast?

I’m not sure who did that thing first, but I really want to know, because it’s always fascinated me.  Nothing says “it’s 1994 and I’m in art school” like that kind of editing.

Yes, that’s Boston’s own Tanya Donelly, lead singer of legendary local band Belly, singing back-up vocals here with the Catherine Wheel.  My completely unfounded theory is that Julie Kramer, veteran mid-day DJ at WFNX, had something to do with this, as she loves Catherine Wheel more than life itself and, I’m pretty sure, she used to hang out with Tanya Donelly as the Boston Phoenix *always* had a thing for Belly and the Phoenix owns WFNX.  Then again, my other completely unfounded theory is that I was somehow indirectly responsible for Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer getting together.  Not in any direct way – it’s more of a butterfly effect kind of thing.  I’d explain it to you, but it would probably involve a Glenn Beck-ish chalkboard thing and you know what forget it.

This is such a good “it’s summer, let’s drive somewhere” song.   Go listen to it while you do that.


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