Announcing “Sellouts And Posers”

30 Oct

Hi, friends –

Maybe you’re still following this blog on your RSS feed. Or maybe you keep coming back, day after day, and wondering “what the hell happened to that guy? You know, the Christmas special fella, who sometimes wrote about music or politics or whatever?”

Well, wonder no more, hypothetical non-person! The answer is: mostly, I’ve been busy with a lot of crazy life-related stuff. Oh, and I have a new project. A cool one. You’ll like it.

So, as ya might know, I was a DJ at WBCN in Boston for six years – from 2003 to 2009. Now that I’ve moved on to a super-serious grownup job in public broadcasting, I’ve been able to look at the “alternative rock” era with a little hindsight and clarity, a little spice and vinegar, a pinch of salt, and stir to taste (note to self: don’t write these entries before dinnertime.)

So, yeah. New blog. It’s my long-form, song-by-song chronological history of the “alternative rock” years, called (of course…) SELLOUTS AND POSERS.

And you can read it here. We’re starting in May of 1989 with The Cure and going straight on until 2001. Tomorrow you’ll get a post about Faith No More’s “Epic.” Later this week, we go all Nine Inch Nails-y. Sometimes, you’ll get little personal snippets from my own life that may, or may not, be terrible lies.

Share and enjoy!

~geek usa


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