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Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011)

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oh great… it’s a T-shirt blog now

Yeah, so, I found another one…

Yep – it’s the Doctor band.

There’s actually a collection of  a whole bunch of Doctor Who related shirts courtesy of our friends at io9 – any of which would be acceptable.

I wear a size M, folks.


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Hey, Let’s Review Doctor Who!: “The Beast Below”

The Beast Below

written by Steven Moffat, directed by Andrew Gunn, originally broadcast 4.10.10

Review below.  Spoilers.

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Hey, Let’s Review Doctor Who: Free Video Games from the BBC!

This is…. well, I mean, this is amazing.   There have been Doctor Who video games before, from Dalek Attack (imagine the first Duke Nukem game, starring Sylvester McCoy) to Destiny of the Doctors (imagine Myst, but awful and with Anthony Ainley laughing at you a lot)  to a myriad of text adventures that were mostly available in England (i.e. “your sword sonic screwdriver is glowing with a faint blue glow.”)   No one’s attempted to make a Doctor Who game based on the new series, however, which is surprising, given its popularity.  That is…. UNTIL NOW!

Also, the games will be free, which is pretty amazing considering the obvious quality of the graphics.  The BBC, as a publically funded UK institution, has a policy of not authorizing supplemental material that one would have to buy in order to follow the plot of their shows (which is why, for instance, no one could ever publish a book about the Time War, or make a cinematically released movie that people would have to pay to see in order to explain certain plot points – in other words, the BBC could never have made The X Files movie.)  As these games are being presented to us as episodes in their own right, and are at least supplemental to the season as a whole, they’re being released free of charge.

I’m looking forward to playing them, provided the sad little graphics chip on my sad little laptop can handle the strain – I can play Portal, for instance, but the ground disappears sometimes and some levels are all flashy and weird (blah blah blah shading blah blah rendering blah).   Ooh, and hey look there’s Cybermen!

They’re presenting these to us as “interactive episodes”, so yeah, I’m going to try and review them as they come out.  We should expect the first one in June.

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Hey, Let’s Review Doctor Who!: “The Eleventh Hour”

I’ve often thought about doing this, and with a new season, a new Doctor, and a whole new production style, I figured, what the hell – let’s do this thing.   Doctor Who is THE BEST SHOW EVER, and… you know what, it still is, even after all them thar changes and a Doctor who is, apparently, twelve.   Review on the other side of the cut.  Big time spoilers ahead.

Wibbly wobbly.

Timey wimey.

You know the drill.

When I say run….



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songs you don’t know: Bernard Cribbins, “Right Said Fred”

I’ll bet you’ve heard of Right Said Fred, everyone’s favorite gay one-hit wonder band from the early ’90s.  But I’ll bet you didn’t know that they got their name from a novelty skiffle tune from the grand old days of 1960s Britain.

I’ll bet you’ve heard of Bernard Cribbins, a British actor who played Donna’s grandfather on Doctor Who.  But I’ll bet you didn’t know that he used to sing novelty skiffle tunes, back in the grand old days of 1960s Britain.

You can see where we’re going with this.

Yep – Wilfred Mott is ultimately responsible for the “I’m Too Sexy” guy.

The song “Right Said Fred” will hit home for anyone who’s ever had to move a piano.  This is a very early stop-motion music video for the tune, and I think you’ll like it.


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from the things you wish you thought of dept…

Just a reminder: BBC America will be broadcasting The End Of Time, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas episode, tomorrow at 9pm.  Yay for not having to torrent wait!!!


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omg fanvids lolz ^_^: Torchwood, “Friends” style


Lauryn, I believe the words you are looking for are: “This is so very wrong, and yet, so very right.”


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we are coming

Watch Torchwood: Children of Earth when it rolls around on BBC America next week.   Just watch it.  I don’t care if you’ve never seen Torchwood, or if you don’t like science fiction, or if you don’t get BBC America, or if you don’t own a television, or if you don’t have eyeballs.  Find some eyeballs and watch it.   Best piece of serialized science fiction television ever.  Ever.

“But, Andy, Battlestar Gal-


(do not question me, for I am GEEKUSA.)

What’s it about?  Well, without spoiling anything, it’s about this: one fine day, every child on the planet stopped and said, in unison, “WE ARE COMING.”  Turns out the “we” is an alien species who’s using the kids as a megaphone to announce their arrival.  The aliens do not have the best of intentions.  Neither, in fact, does the British government.   Things go very quickly from Independence Day to V for Vendetta. And that’s all I’m going to tell you.


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DJing Renee’s St. Patty’s Day party….

…and I was pointed in the direction of this Van Halen/Doctor Who cross over t-shirt:

Lord, I want this.

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