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wow – I haven’t written a darn thing in weeks.

And even that “darn thing” was, basically, a YouTube clip of John Barrowman smiling to the theme from Friends.  I am a bad, bad, pretend blogger.

My friend Jeremy (aka “Butthorn”), however, is a good pretend blogger.  I’ve linked to his stuff in the past, but this particular post is particularly hilarious.  Seems that Mr. and Mrs. Butthorn are having a baby.  Anyone who primarily remembers Jeremy as half of the comic duo behind the hit WMEB (University of Maine radio) program The Poop and Pee Show will be naturally shocked at this, at least before they realize that such a program was probably excellent preparation for what Jeremy and Annie will be dealing with for the next three years.

However, Jeremy is on the case.  He’s come up with a list of 30 things never to do with a new baby, and honestly, I think we could all take this sort of thinking to heart.

However!  Prepare for an awesome post about what I’m up to these days over at the Somerville Theatre in bucolic Somerville, MA.  It’s awesome.   Freaking, flipping, farking awesome.  Totes.


life, seventeen syllables at a time

You may have heard of this thing, it is called “Twitter“, where people share their innermost confessions, feelings, and bon mots with the world at 140 characters or less.   About a year ago, I derided it for being, basically, useless.  (“Going to the fridge to get a popsicle.” “Unwrapping popsicle.” “Popsicle tasty and cold.” “Stick has amusing joke on it: what do u call a horse who likes arts & crafts?”  “Stick says: a hobby horse! lol!” and so on.)  Now, though, I can’t get enough of the thing, because it’s an awesome way of complaining about the T.

The Ancient Japanese also invented something pretty amazing.   No, I’m not talking about erotic woodcarvings.   I’m referring to the art of the Haiku.  Instead of 140 characters, you get seventeen syllables to express yourself.  To wit:  That tentacled beast/and that woman are in love./Don’t tell Mrs. Squid.

Leave it to my friend Lauryn to bring the ancient art of Haiki into the world of the online confessional.  Her latest blog, Haikummunication, is a series of haikus based on her everyday life.  Instead of Twitter, she Haikus.  It’s actually pretty genius.


Come see “Fools.” See Fools come. Fools come, see?

Once upon a time, in the village of Kulyenchikov, there arrived a young man named Leon.  Leon was a schoolteacher, hired to tutor the daughter of the local Doctor.  Little did he know that, upon this town, there was a curse – a curse that caused every man, woman, and child to be born….. with as much common sense as God gave a sandwich.

I’m directing this play, and it’s hilarious.  It’s my first paid college directing job, and you should all come see it because seriously it’s the funniest damn thing you’ll have ever seen.  The dates are above, on the poster, as you can see, and the show is a mere $5.  Five dollars!  For an evening’s entertaniment!  NOTHING costs that little anymore!  You would be… wait for it… a Fool not to come!  (har har).

Presented by Bentley College’s APO at Koumantzelis Auditorium on the Bentley campus in bucolic Waltham, MA.  If you want to come, you know how to contact me for directions.

I should also mention Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, presented by Theatre @ First at the First Congregational Church of Somerville, featuring several people I know, including my foxy and talented girlfriend Alyssa.  It opens Friday, April 4 and runs two weekends – all info can be found by clicking the link above.


i can has talented friends?: Geek Force Five

E. Christopher Clark has been blogging since before there was even an internet.  He would sit at the back of the room at ol’ Chelmsford High School (motto: Where All Your Friends Went) with a never-ending spool of graph paper, which he would constantly update with a stream of consciousness about whatever it was he happened to be doing.  (“I am sitting in math class.”  “I am considering hitting Jon with a spit ball.”  “I am making a spit ball.”   “Ph-tooie.”  and so on.)  Thus, in his own low-tech way, Chris Clark invented Twittering.

He’s also written a book, fathered a child, and recorded more than one album.  I’ve only done one-half of those things, so I think he wins.  Now, the latest entry in to the E. Christopher Clark one-man media empire of doom is his blog, Geek Force Five

As you can plainly see, the blog is about Chris’s five geekiest obsessions, namely Tobey Maguire, fat people, big brother, and Professor Snape comic book movies, Kevin Smith, Apple, Lost, and Nine Inch Nails.  It’s really good, and I particularly recommend his piece about why he loves NIN so much.



i can has talented friends?: XArcana Design

I keep forgetting to post about this, but my friend Laura/Annabelle has her own online fashion label.  She designed the costumes for my show Smoke and Mirrors, and she does nifty things with a sewing machine.

This is her boyfriend, modeling her ninja inspired men’s pullover.   Her stuff is slightly expensive, on account of being handmade and cool-looking, but go support her anyway (I always assume other people have more money than I do.)  I’d describe her style as “the sort of thing people who go to goth/industrial clubs should be wearing to Sunday brunch.”

Again, her page is here, and it’s full of all sorts of pictures and stuff.


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brief note, and the onion needs to stop making fun of me.

First off, thanks to Julia, Alyssa, Lauryn, Lauryn’s mom, ChrisClark, and everyone else who hung out with GeekUSA on Super Tuesday.  There was many a witty and insightful comment that was, unfortunately, eaten by the interwebs as I consolidated all my posts into one.  For the record, Lauryn said something really funny that I can’t remember and Julia schooled me on Super-delegates.

Secondly, the big Onion article everyone’s passing around these days is called The Knights Who Say “Nerd”: Twenty Pop Culture Obsessions Even Geekier Than Monty Python.  As I’ve stated previously on these pages, there’s a slight but significant difference between geeks and nerds.  If you’re a nerd, you’ll read the article and start indignantly composing a list of factual errors.  Geeks, however, will start counting the number of geek obsessions they have, and half-seriously blog about it in the following way:  dude, I got six out of twenty!  WHO WANTS TO DATE ME??

I would have had seven out of twenty, but I gave up on MySpace months ago.


Post-Meridian Radio Players at Pandemonium 12/22

We’ll get back to Christmas specials in a sec, but first, I want to promote something cool my buddy Neil’s doing:

The Post-Meridian Radio Players, Wyrd Enterprises and Blue Sky Red Entertainment will be playing samples of their audio theater projects at Pandemonium Bookstore in Cambridge ( this coming Saturday afternoon at 3 PM.

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my girlfriend Amelie…

…which isn’t her real name, has a new blog here on WordPress, called Fever2Tell.  Yes, that’s a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, which proves how awesome she is.

Go check it out.  I guarantee you it’ll be better than this old thing.

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i can has talented friends?: cursed to first

If you like baseball… no, scratch that, if you like reading, then you need to read Beth’s latest Cursed To First entry, The Papajima Show, about Game Two of the 2007 World Series.

I was at rehearsal (see below) and missed it, but luckilly, there’s Beth to tell us what the game was like:

I have never actually cried about baseball, but last night was the closest I’ve probably ever come. Curt is almost assuredly not going to be with us next year, and after seeing how out of gas he was last night, I am hoping he doesn’t have to make another appearance in this World Series if we can at all help it. And so last night was not just Curt Schilling’s second World Series win in Boston–it was probably goodbye.

“Bittersweet” doesn’t begin to describe the feeling I had watching that scarlet “38” disappear into the dugout last night. I don’t care what anyone says about Curt Schilling’s persona or his politics, between the white lines of the baseball field, he has done everything he ever promised to do. On the mound, when it truly mattered, nights he bore our colors on his back, and our hearts and remaining shreds of sanity on his right arm, Curt Schilling has not let us down. Not in New York in 2004, not in Boston in 2004, and not against Anaheim, Cleveland and now Colorado in 2007.

It will never be the same team without him.

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