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Dude! It’s The ’90s!: Sponge, “Plowed”

Sponge – “Plowed”

Summary: “Hey, gang, let’s get the band together and record a video!  We can film it in sepia tone so it doesn’t look so much like we’re shooting in Mom’s dining room, and my kid brother can turn the light switch on and off in time with the music.  I’ve been watching Stone Temple Pilots videos all week, and you guys can, I dunno, flail your hair around or something.  Man, we are *so* the next Led Zeppelin!”

Things to notice:  Scott Weiland?  More like NOT Weiland. Oh, snap. Seriously, though, are they trying to be the Hydrox to STP’s Oreo? (0:10)

The guy who does the backing vocals must be pretty darn fugly.  Every time the guitarist jumps in with “Say a prayer for me,” we see the same damn shot of the same damn guy, except we only see him in shadow.   Either he’s less photogenic than faux-Scott, or he wants to run for office some day.   (0:52)

Mom’s dining room has a fruit fly problem.  (2:21)

Verdict:   Sponge, whatever you want to say about them, knew how to write good, catchy rock songs.  “Plowed” is a near-perfect example of early-90s rock and roll, and in a perfect world, “Molly” and “Wax Ecstatic” would be equally well-remembered.  Vinnie’s got one of those great ‘90s rock voices, and they made it onto the soundtracks of not one, but two seminal ‘90s flicks: Chasing Amy and Empire Records.  Unfortunately, this video is as boring as cat pee, which, coincidentally, is the same color as this video.  (D+)

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omg fanvids lolz ^_^: “Ghostbusters”/”Nine Inch Nails”

Perusing io9 this morning, I stumbled upon many interesting things about which I could have blogged.  There’s the ill-advised plan by the producers of the forthcoming G.I.Joe movie to write, direct, and produce a film based on – I kid you not – the ’80s video game Asteroids.   There’s an actual, real-live blob living beneath the city streets of Raleigh, NC, with video to prove it.   And then there’s this: a mash-up of the Nine Inch Nails song “The Hand That Feeds” with the theme from Ghostbusters.  

Is this the awesomest thing ever invented by humans?   Yes.  Yes it is.


Star Trek is the best movie ever made.

It’s so nice when something you’ve been waiting for with baited breath, shaking with anticipation, getting sucked in by hype and promises of the next big thing in cinema, actually turns out to be good. No, not good: superb. Superb is a word I have never used before in my entire life, and I’m using it now to describe Star Trek. This was popcorn entertainment of the highest caliber. It was the most enjoyable film I’ve seen in years.

Spoilers and nerdiness ahead.

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you just got shawshanked!

Submitted for your approval, via the boys o’er at JibJab: it’s “The Shawshank Redemption” rap.

Possibly the best thing I’ve seen all day.  And it’s only 12:28am!

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it’s like a cholera milkshake

The fellas at Team Awesome have just released their latest pretend trailer – sort of a parody of There Will Be Blood, sort of a parody of…. well, that would be telling.  Just trust me – it’s awesome. 

…and it goes like this.

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The lesser Baldwins would like a word with you

The cast of dozens over at i09 have assembled A Survival Guide To Bad Movies, which you should read in case you ever find yourself faced with such a prospect. 

A few signs of a bad movie

  • Sunglasses in the poster. If human adults are wearing them, it’s bad. If babies or animals are wearing them, it’s worse. If adults are looking over the top of the sunglasses, it’s horrendous. If a baby or animal is looking over the top, it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

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more “once” love….

Here’s Glen and Marketa performing the song on the Oscars (with intro from fellow countryman Colin Farrell):

..and here’s them winning.

Incidentally, my Dad got me this DVD for Christmas, and it’s his birthday today, so I hope he enjoys the performance above.

Off to see Juno now.

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