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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 6 – A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

Day 6

Theme: A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

Artist: Guster

Song: “Parachute”

Where: Exploration Summer Program, 1995 and 1996 (or Explo ’95/’96)

Already wrote about this song here.



wow – I haven’t written a darn thing in weeks.

And even that “darn thing” was, basically, a YouTube clip of John Barrowman smiling to the theme from Friends.  I am a bad, bad, pretend blogger.

My friend Jeremy (aka “Butthorn”), however, is a good pretend blogger.  I’ve linked to his stuff in the past, but this particular post is particularly hilarious.  Seems that Mr. and Mrs. Butthorn are having a baby.  Anyone who primarily remembers Jeremy as half of the comic duo behind the hit WMEB (University of Maine radio) program The Poop and Pee Show will be naturally shocked at this, at least before they realize that such a program was probably excellent preparation for what Jeremy and Annie will be dealing with for the next three years.

However, Jeremy is on the case.  He’s come up with a list of 30 things never to do with a new baby, and honestly, I think we could all take this sort of thinking to heart.

However!  Prepare for an awesome post about what I’m up to these days over at the Somerville Theatre in bucolic Somerville, MA.  It’s awesome.   Freaking, flipping, farking awesome.  Totes.


mr. fancy-pants rock star tells us how to be big n’ famous like him

I think this may be Photoshopped from a picture of Borat, but whatever.

Nine Inch Nails monopticon Trent Reznor recently posted a list of awesome ideas for artists to get super-successful using the Web, and it makes a hell of a lot of sense.   Anyone with a blog, YouTube series, webcomic, band, photoblog, or anything remotely creative should print this out and paste it next to wherever they do their creative interwebs stuff.

His points make a lot of sense.  This really is a weird new world and, so long as you can create a solid base, you’re probably going to make a lot more money from merchandising than you are off of your actual artwork.  Amanda Palmer recently blogged about a spontaneous Twitter conversation that led to the spontaneous production of a spontaneous CafePress T-Shirt that netted her about $19,000 in one night, although to be fair, she (and Mr. Reznor) already have a pretty solid fanbase, and it’s unlikely you or I are going to score mad cash off of our sweet new T-shirt slogan (“What Do Fratboys Wash Their Hair With?  Natural Bro-tanicals!”) until we, too, amass an army of screaming teenagers in black tights.

Anyway, Janko on GigaOM weeded through The Trent’s original post, and came up with Five Important Points that make as much sense for YouTubers or Flash artists as they do for bands.  You’re not going to make any money off your content, you’re going to make your money off of a fanbase that likes your content enough to support it by buying t-shirts and things.  The Brothers Chaps were able to quit their jobs and spend all day making Strong Bad and Homestar cartoons because people kept buying their schwag (I’m thinking of them because I’m wearing my old Strong Bad shirt today.)  And you’re going to build a fanbase by giving your stuff away for free.  Crazy, right? 

The folksiest Web 2.0 pioneer there ever was.

Except… hasn’t public broadcasting essentially operated off of this principle for years?  We’ll give you quality programming for free, and if you like it, you’ll support us with your donations, and you’ll “buy” our tote bags and This Old House mugs and DVD collections of Miss Marple.  That’s right, fellow New Englanders – Fritz Wetherbee and Elaine Pasternack over at New Hampshire Public Television were doin’ the new media revenue thing twenty years before anyone.   As Trent says, any song you could possibly want is only a click away, so music and media are now free no matter what we do.   You want to make money as an artist?  Embrace it.


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Cover #4: Guster, “Parachute”

Cover #4 is the title track from Guster’s first full-length album, “Parachute”, written by Ryan Miller, Adam Gardner, and Brian Rosenworcel and released in 1995.

I already wrote extensively about this tune over here at Songs That Saved Your Life, but it’s the tune that people keep asking me to cover when I play the guitar.  Two different people, both old, dear friends, requested I cover this one, so here it is.  Enjoy!

Download it.  Stream it.  Not making any money off this, it’s just for fun.   Blah di blah.


Next up:  Well, look at your calendar.  Then count back 15 years.


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The Onion shows some love to the 978

This house is nestled in the Nashoba valley. Look at it nestling. Isn't it cute, all nestled in those trees there?

My homeland, where the Nashoba valley meets the Merrimack valley in north central Massachusetts, rarely shows up in the annals of world affairs.  ‘Tis a quiet grouping of hamlets, nestled betwixt the stern granite face of New Hampshire to the north, the Pioneer Valley to the west, and the bustling metropolis of Greater Boston to the east.  We are an unassuming brood, who go about our lives in unassuming, yet occasionally transcendential, ways. 

So it comes as a pleasant surprise to learn that a national satirical publication like The Onion has paid us a visit.  If we’d-a known they were comin’, we would have baked them an apple pie.  Or brewed some apple cider.  Or perhaps some apple pan-dowdy.   In my neck of the woods, we got apples growing out of our transcendential ears.

The article in question – concerning a rogue unit of Redcoats discovered still fighting the Revolutionary War after all these years, in Carlisle of all places – makes for good reading, and I recommend you pay it mind as you sit by your pot-bellied stove on these chilly March nights, catching up on your Olde Farmer’s Almanac and your back issues of Yankee

A note of authenticity: the article makes mention of a Wal-Mart in Carlisle.  Now, as we all know, we steely folk of the Merrimack and Nashoba Valleys did our darndest to keep that particular establishment out of our bucolic land a few years back, but The Onion paid this no mind.  Please don’t let this ruin your experience, however, as the rest of the article is “wicked funny.”


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GeekUSA has a grown-up twin brother

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of my portfolio blog, charmingly titled Andy Hicks Has A Portfolio.

ahapAHAP, as we call it at my house, is where I’ll be posting links to my various creative and professional endeavors; songs and audio projects, graphic design work, theatrical work, and resumes.   It will be updated whenever I do anything impressive and cool that I want people to know about so they will give me lots of money and I can buy, like, burritos for lunch every day.

The jerks you hired instead of me.

In the Before Time, you see,  I’d apply for a job, and they’d ask for a personal website, and I’d give them the link for this site.   And, inevitably, they’d click on the link, and the post on the front page would be something like “Interestingly Shaped Poops I Have Taken: A Photographic Guide” or “Here’s A Link To A Drunk and Embarrassing Picture Mikey Took Of Me Last Weekend!” or “Why Star Trek Is AWESUM!!,” at which point the HR person at whatever company was interested in hiring me would quickly close his/her web browser and immediately hire the last person they checked out, whose website was probably boring and full of pictures of them golfing or some whitebread shit like that. 

Therefore, in the interest of “proffesionalizing” my image, I’ve created AHAP.  Please feel free to comment on the things I have up there now, and if you have any advice on how I could do things differently or better, please feel free to share them.

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oh brave new world that has such things in it…

According to io9, a reputable source of all things nerdish, they’ve invented a… how shall I put this… it’s a computer mouse you can control with your penis.

No, really.

Not safe for work, obviously, unless you happen to work at the “mouse you can control with your penis” factory.

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