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a very special christmas special: “Frosty The Snowman” (1970)

Every Christmas special I’ve reviewed here, I’ve been able to find something to like.  Even Alf’s Special Christmas, which bothered me on several levels – I can appreciate what they were trying to do, even though it was completely wrong.   But, see, Alf’s Special Christmas was wrong in the same way that the restaurant screwing up your order is wrong – like if you ordered pizza with pepperoni, and got green peppers instead.   I don’t like green peppers, but green peppers are at least edible.  But there are some things that are just wrong, like, ordering a pizza with pepperoni and instead getting a broken lightbulb and a used syringe.

There’s no other way around it – I do not like Frosty The Snowman.  I’m not proud of this, because so many other people love ol’ Frosty and that hat of his.   I love Rudolph and The Year Without A Santa Claus and The Little Drummer Boy and all the other Rankin/Bass classics.  I’ll sit through A Garfield Christmas even though I don’t like Garfield anymore, just because his old TV cartoons aren’t bad.  I’ll watch The Star Wars Christmas Special all the way through and moan and groan like everyone else but I will get through it.

After watching Frosty The Snowman, I was shocked to learn that it was only a half an hour long.

I don’t know what it is about Frosty.  Maybe it’s the fact that the story has no meat to it whatsoever.  Maybe it’s the fact that the “Frosty The Snowman” song is just annoying and cloying.   Maybe it’s the fact that the animation is terrible.  And not charmingly terrible, either.  But – ok – I sat down and watched this thing, and here’s 10 things I noticed.  Take ’em or leave ’em.  If you love ol’ Frosty, feel free to send hate mail.  I stand by my position: Frosty The Snowman is bloody awful.

Watch it – if you must – and read my 10 things – below the cut.

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it just keeps getting better, eh?


Apparently, for a brief moment in time, Canada (or America’s hat, if you will) had an official list of “states that endorse torture” that included Iran, Cuba, and the United States of America.  

Since Keith Olbermann talked about this on its show, Reuters has reported that they took us and Israel off the list, probably because they didn’t want us to get all offended and, I don’t know, start water-boarding the cast of Kids In The Hall or something.  But, think about it: for a brief period of time, the Canadian State Department lumped us in with the bad guys.  This can’t be good.   I don’t care if we’re “fightin’ a different kind of war” or whatever – when a sovereign nation issues a missive to its diplomats telling them how to deal with you if you get caught torturing one of their citizens, you are officially one of the bad guys. 

And by “you”, I mean “we.” 

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from the “i really wish i hadn’t seen this” department…

Scientists have discovered a Giant Creepy Skeleton of Giant Evil Scorpion-Thing That’s Like Eight-Feet Long.

I hate giant insects. I can’t even watch Them!, or go anywhere near the giant housefly at the science museum. I’ve seriously got two big irrational fears, and it’s this and the eye thing. In hell, giant insects eat out your eyeballs. It’s true. I know a guy.

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