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the misremembered ’90s: The Cure, “Wrong Number”

Oh, let’s just pretend it HASN’T been nine months since my last post.  I’m tired of excuses.  Actually, right now, I’m generally just tired.

So, here’s my favorite latter-day Cure tune:

The Cure’s musical record, post-Wish, is spotty.  Not “spotty” as in “a British kid with acne,” but “spotty” as in hit or miss.  Not “Hit Or Miss” as in New Found Glory’s first major label single, but “hit or miss” as in all over the place.  There’s some amazing stuff (about half of Bloodflowers, about 1/3 of Wild Mood Swings, “Wrong Number”, and “Underneath The Sky”) and some less thrilling stuff (everything else.)

But for sheer late ’90s pop joy, with chopper delayed synths that sound like guitars and over-compressed guitars that sound like synths, you can’t do much better – especially with our boy Robert flopping his nest of black hair about like so while he pips on about “lime green and tan-ger-ine.”

It’s a pity this song isn’t better known, because there’s some amazing parodies to be written – and, believe me, over Christmas Break of ’97, they bloody were.

For example…

“I had the best fried clams this side of Annapolis…”


“I had moo goo gai pan the size of an elephant…”

And those are just the food related ones.   There’s one I half completed, based on the plot of Les Miserables…

Fantine… Fantine… and Eponine

Are two tragic waifs in old Par-ee

Fantine…oh poor Fantine

the sickly sweet singer of “I Dreamed A Little Dream…”

skip to the chorus…




(hear ’em SINGIN’… hear ’em SINGIN’…)
And so on.


2010: Our Hideous Future

Having been busy writing, producing, and recording a musical, I haven’t had much time to talk about how I wrote, produced, and recorded a musical (with my friend, Boston Playwright Carl Danielson and a score of talented local actors and theatrical artisans.)

So: Okay.  It’s called 2010: Our Hideous Future – The Musical! It’s a satire of Blade Runner/The Matrix/Max Headroom type stuff, but it’s also a queer-friendly romantic comedy.  Basically, it’s Thelma and Louise meets 2000 A.D.

It premiered at the Boston Playwright’s Theater last August to ravenous applause, and we just performed it at Arisia 2011.  We’re trying to find other places to perform as well, because dammit if we don’t believe in this little project.

The whole point of this is: here’s our official blog site.  It has music.  It (will have) pictures.  It has info and updates.  It has everything you need to navigate your scary spooky no good future.

We think that’s nice.


Happy belated 4th!

Yep, it’s from 1776.  Music starts at about 2:48.

“I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace, that two is called a ‘law firm,’ and that three are called ‘a congress!'”

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Come see “Fools.” See Fools come. Fools come, see?

Once upon a time, in the village of Kulyenchikov, there arrived a young man named Leon.  Leon was a schoolteacher, hired to tutor the daughter of the local Doctor.  Little did he know that, upon this town, there was a curse – a curse that caused every man, woman, and child to be born….. with as much common sense as God gave a sandwich.

I’m directing this play, and it’s hilarious.  It’s my first paid college directing job, and you should all come see it because seriously it’s the funniest damn thing you’ll have ever seen.  The dates are above, on the poster, as you can see, and the show is a mere $5.  Five dollars!  For an evening’s entertaniment!  NOTHING costs that little anymore!  You would be… wait for it… a Fool not to come!  (har har).

Presented by Bentley College’s APO at Koumantzelis Auditorium on the Bentley campus in bucolic Waltham, MA.  If you want to come, you know how to contact me for directions.

I should also mention Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, presented by Theatre @ First at the First Congregational Church of Somerville, featuring several people I know, including my foxy and talented girlfriend Alyssa.  It opens Friday, April 4 and runs two weekends – all info can be found by clicking the link above.


i can has talented friends?: XArcana Design

I keep forgetting to post about this, but my friend Laura/Annabelle has her own online fashion label.  She designed the costumes for my show Smoke and Mirrors, and she does nifty things with a sewing machine.

This is her boyfriend, modeling her ninja inspired men’s pullover.   Her stuff is slightly expensive, on account of being handmade and cool-looking, but go support her anyway (I always assume other people have more money than I do.)  I’d describe her style as “the sort of thing people who go to goth/industrial clubs should be wearing to Sunday brunch.”

Again, her page is here, and it’s full of all sorts of pictures and stuff.


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cliff notes introduces “Shakespeare Manga”!

Someone needs to tell me how I feel about this.


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Post-Meridian Radio Players at Pandemonium 12/22

We’ll get back to Christmas specials in a sec, but first, I want to promote something cool my buddy Neil’s doing:

The Post-Meridian Radio Players, Wyrd Enterprises and Blue Sky Red Entertainment will be playing samples of their audio theater projects at Pandemonium Bookstore in Cambridge ( this coming Saturday afternoon at 3 PM.

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